Our Executive Management Team

Jeffrey A. Benson (portrait photo)

Jeffrey A. Benson

Executive Vice President - North Carolina and Commercial Market Development

Tom Berry (portrait photo)

Tom Berry

Executive Vice President - Market Development

Jonathan W. Biggs (portrait photo)

Jonathan W. Biggs

Vice President & Director of Risk Management & Education

J. Allen Fine (portrait photo)

J. Allen Fine

Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

W. Morris Fine (portrait photo)

W. Morris Fine

President & Chief Operating Officer

James A. Fine Jr. (portrait photo)

James A. Fine Jr.

President & Treasurer

Brandee Garren (portrait photo)

Brandee Garren

Vice President Underwriting & Operations Support

Susan Harris (portrait photo)

Susan Harris

Senior Vice President - Agency and Market Development

Carol Hayden (portrait photo)

Carol Hayden

Vice President Senior Claims Counsel & Executive Vice President - Investors Title Exchange Corp.

John Herath (portrait photo)

John Herath

Vice President Human Resources

Beth Lewter (portrait photo)

Beth Lewter

Vice President - Accounting

L. Dawn Martin (portrait photo)

L. Dawn Martin

Vice President Corporate Administration

Brooke Mathosian (portrait photo)

Brooke Mathosian

Vice President - NC Branch and Agency Operations

Jyoti Mehta, MBA, CPA, CMA (portrait photo)

Jyoti Mehta, MBA, CPA, CMA

Vice President - Financial Operations

Daniel Minto (portrait photo)

Daniel Minto

Senior Vice President Engineering and Information Technology

C. Todd Murphy (portrait photo)

C. Todd Murphy

Senior Vice President Finance

Jamie Nail (portrait photo)

Jamie Nail

Senior Vice President – Florida Operations and Market Development

Kirsten Pollock (portrait photo)

Kirsten Pollock

Vice President & Audit Director

Elizabeth A. Wainio (portrait photo)

Elizabeth A. Wainio

Senior Vice President - Risk Management and Claims Counsel

Kim Wells (portrait photo)

Kim Wells

Senior Vice President - Southeast Region Marketing & Operations Manager

Andrew Wert (portrait photo)

Andrew Wert

Senior Vice President - Operations