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EFLITE® is a free, innovative, web-based application for preparing title orders and documents.  EFLITE® allows applications to be viewed on-screen, submitted electronically, and processed in record-breaking time.

Connect securely and reliably:

  • Access from any internet connection with any current browser
  • Secure platform
  • Secure data sharing between users of the same office
  • Secure transmission with Investors Title branch and agency offices in North Carolina

Create orders and documents:

  • Logical easy-to-use design
  • Customizable deeds and lien waiver
  • Document-upload capabilities
  • Subdivision and builder template feature
  • Multiple-property support

Save time and effort:

  • SoftPro® import/export (Standard or Enterprise)
  • Order-copy capabilities
  • Ability to search orders by name, property address, or other attributes
  • Ability to save lender details to a library
  • Instant document previewing and printing
  • Order-status tracking
  • Quicker order turnaround times

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