iJacket Manager

iJacket Manager® is an Investors Title web-based application which allows agent partners to generate electronic closing protection letters, commitment, and policy jackets from any internet connection. This powerful tool eliminates the need to track policy jacket inventory.

iJacket Manager® currently integrates with SoftPro, Title Express, LandTech, RamQuest, and AIM, allowing information to be easily imported.  The SDN Validation Tool, which compares parties to the transaction against the national Specially Designated Nationals list, is fully integrated to save time and promote compliance.

The remittance functionality provides a comprehensive remittance report to streamline the monthly remittance process. Users are able to create remittance reports showing only the files they are remitting; other files remain in queue until they are ready to be remitted. Each remittance report is stored within the user’s workspace, and can be accessed at any time.

iJacket Manager® allows users to monitor transaction status and track their complete index of real estate transactions. Age-related color coding allows for easy identification of files needing review and processing within the workspace. Robust reporting functionality also aids with file tracking and management.