Commercial Escrow

Earnest Money Management | Settlement Statement Preparation | Closing Disbursement Services





The commercial escrow team has over 40 years of combined experience with commercial transactions. Our operational efficiencies ensure that all parties involved receive fast, accurate, and secure settlement and escrow services. In addition to holding earnest money funds, the commercial escrow department can prepare the settlement statement and/or facilitate the disbursement of closing funds for commercial transactions. Once you have contacted a commercial escrow representative, indicated the service needed, and provided the preliminary closing date, the commercial escrow team will assign an escrow coordinator for your transaction.

The commercial escrow team manages the complex details of commercial transactions, allowing you to better utilize your internal support personnel.

Services include:

  • Earnest money management
  • Settlement statement preparation
  • Closing disbursement services

To initiate the process for earnest money deposits, complete the Commercial Escrow Request form, call 800.326.4842, or email Commercial Escrow.