Investor Relations Overview

"In a challenging year for the real estate market, we focused on proactive steps to strengthen our company and were able to report relatively favorable financial performance."

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Investors Title Company, a holding company incorporated in North Carolina in 1973, is the parent company of two wholly owned title insurance underwriting subsidiaries: Investors Title Insurance Company (ITIC) and National Investors Title Insurance Company (NITIC).  The Company’s primary business activity is the issuance of residential and commercial title insurance through ITIC and NITIC.

The Company became operational in 1976 when it acquired ITIC as a wholly owned subsidiary under a plan of exchange of shares of common stock. ITIC has been operating since 1972. In 1983, the Company acquired NITIC, formerly Northeast Investors Title Insurance Company, under a plan of exchange of shares of common stock. NITIC has been operating since 1973.

Additionally, the Company provides tax-deferred real property exchange services through its subsidiaries, Investors Title Exchange Corporation (ITEC) and Investors Title Accommodation Corporation (ITAC); investment management and trust services to individuals, trusts, and other entities through its subsidiary, Investors Trust Company; and management services to title insurance agencies through its subsidiary, Investors Title Management Services (ITMS).

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