Benefits of Owner Title Insurance

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Owner’s title insurance protects you against defects in the title to your property which originate prior to the policy date. While lenders often require property owners to purchase the lender’s title insurance to protect their interests, property owners must purchase a separate owner policy to protect themselves from covered losses—including court costs and attorneys’ fees—that could result from title defects.

The risks covered are not obscure improbabilities – nearly a billion dollars in claims are paid every year in the industry. An owner’s policy involves a one-time premium for coverage that lasts as long as you own your property or are liable under warranties after selling. The only time it may be necessary to purchase additional coverage is when the value of the insured property has increased significantly since the date of the original policy.

Expanded coverage policies are also available in most markets. These policies insure above and beyond the basic covered risks of a standard policy including losses related to some matters which may occur after the policy date. For information on owner’s title insurance, visit the resource center or contact a local representative.

Why You Should Choose Investors Title

While real estate professionals may suggest a title insurance company, homeowners have the ultimate choice in their title insurer.  Title claims can arise years after a policy is written, and a key consideration in selecting a title insurer is the company’s financial stability. Investors Title Insurance Company consistently achieves the highest financial stability ratings in the industry, which provides homeowners with peace of mind that there are adequate resources to address and pay claims.